Bash Shell Scripting and Awk Scripting

The Bourne Again Shell is one of the most widely used shells across UNIX and UNIX-like systems. It is the default shell in Linux and OS X, and has also been ported to Microsoft Windows, Novell Netware and Android. Bash supports powerful programming constructs, job support, command substitution, pipelining and redirection. This course will help participants write powerful scripts using Bash and Awk

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Use available Linux tools to filter data from flat file databases
  • Understand processes and their relationships, and how the shell launches commands as processes
  • Use appropriate operators to achieve any kind of redirection required
  • Configure the shell environment to suit the user's needs and also benefit shell scripts
  • Program the shell and write scripts to perform a variety of jobs by issuing a single command
  • Build programmable filters
  • Use sed to build custom filters
  • Use awk to build programmable filters
  • Develop awk scripts for data extraction and reporting

Target Audience

  • Freshers who have to work on UNIX/Linux
  • Developers, maintainers and administrators who use Bash and want to automate command execution or build powerful utilities


  • Working knowledge of any UNIX-based operating system.
  • Knowledge of programming fundamentals

Course Duration

3 days