Migrating to C++ & C++14

C++11 has added more functionality into C++, and was eagerly awaited for almost a decade! These additional features make C++ even more powerful than before, and make coding simpler. C++14 further adds firepower and minor modifications over C++11. A knowledge of these latest standards for C++ will give any C++ professional an edge.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Use better literals, choose from more appropriate string types and create user-defined suffixes for literals, or select from those supported by C++14
  • Design simpler loops, use annotations, use improved enumerations, constant expressions and assertions
  • Take advantage of the safety offered by new null pointers and new smart pointers
  • Write more meaningful code that is able to apply move semantics, use move constructors and rvalue references
  • Make use of the compiler's ability to deduce data types of exressions and return types of functions
  • Simplify function definitions using lambda expressions and better function syntax
  • Control function generation and resolution using defaulted and deleted functions
  • Use better initializers to create objects easily
  • Control inheritance and polymorphism using final and override
  • Use templates better and use variadic templates to permit multiple types
  • Take advantage of the enhancements in STL

Target Audience

  • C++ Developers who want to upgrade their knowledge of C++ and start using C++11/C++14


  • Working knowledge of C++

Course Duration

2 days