C Shell Scripting and Awk Scripting

The C Shell (csh/tcsh) is a shell that retains much of the syntax of the C programming language, making it easier for C programmers to do shell scripting. This course introduces how to work on C Shell and create shell scripts that weave programming logic around Linux commands.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Use available Linux tools to filter data from flat file databases
  • Understand processes and their relationships, and how the shell launches commands as processes
  • Use appropriate operators to achieve any kind of redirection required
  • Configure the shell environment to suit the user's needs and also benefit shell scripts
  • Program the shell and write scripts to perform a variety of jobs by issuing a single command
  • Build programmable filters
  • Use sed to build custom filters
  • Use awk to build programmable filters
  • Develop awk scripts for data extraction and reporting

Target Audience

  • Freshers who have to work on UNIX/Linux
  • Developers, maintainers and administrators who use the C/TC Shell and want to automate command execution or build powerful utilities


  • Working knowledge of any UNIX-based operating system.
  • Knowledge of programming fundamentals

Course Duration

3 days