HTML5 and CSS3

HTML is the basic language used for building web pages and HTML5 adds many new powerful features. CSS is used for styling HTML documents and CSS3 provides many convenient ways of improving the appearance of a web page. This course teaches how to apply the latest features of HTML5 and CSS3 to create stunning, powerful and reliable websites.

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Understand HTML layouts and placements
  • Be able to use HTML tags effectively and understand best web programming practices
  • Be able to use tables, lists, images and entities for the right purpose and in the right manner
  • Build HTML forms
  • Draw on web pages using Canvas
  • Make use of HTML Media like video, audio and animation
  • Use advanced features of HTML5 like geo-location and Drag and Drop
  • Exploit the local storage feature
  • Improve the page loading and rendering speed by making use of application cache
  • Delegate work to web workers to perform tasks in the background
  • Use CSS to style HTML pages
  • Understand all types of selectors to select elements to apply style on
  • Learn the CSS box model and use positioning and floating properties
  • Style images, lists, tables, text, etc. and apply colours, fonts and opacity
  • Improve the appearance of web pages using borders, shadows, rounded corners, gradients, transitions, transformations and backgrounds

Target Audience

  • Web Developers who want a strong foundation and thorough understanding of client-side web page development and designing



Course Duration

5 days