Perl Scripting

Perl is a scripting language that takes features from C and UNIX. It is known for it's brevity- a few lines of Perl code is equivalent to hundreds of lines of C code! The syntax of Perl however, is notoriously well-known to be very crude and unreadable! What makes it even more difficult to debug Perl scripts is the fact that the Perl interpreter tries to make sense out of anything it sees, and gives up only rarely! This course teaches participants how to create magic with a few lines of code!

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Appreciate the brevity of Perl and be able to get most tasks done using very few lines of code
  • Operate on scalars and understand contexts
  • Work with lists and arrays and perform various operations on them
  • Deal with hashes and write powerful programs using them
  • Use strings and regular expressions to process huge amounts of text easily
  • Generate reports and formatted output
  • Design subroutines to reuse code and improve program organisation
  • Work with files and directories
  • Interact with the environment, command line arguments and OS calls
  • Install and use packages from CPAN
  • Build modules and understand symbol tables
  • Use references for writing powerful scripts
  • Develop object-oriented Perl scripts
  • Access databases using DBI

Target Audience

  • Freshers who want to start with scripting
  • Developers who want to switch from mere programming to scripting in order to develop code faster
  • Testers and administrators who want to automate


  • Working knowledge of C

Course Duration

4 days