XML is a standard for data storage, data representation and transmission that can allow multiple data producers, data consumers and applications to communicate with each other using the data without knowing about the intricacies of each other. XML documents can be self-describing using XML DTD or XML Schema, so applications need not know the data format in advance. An understanding of XML will allow programmers to represent their data in XML as well as understand existing data in XML format. XML is the mother of many other languages including HTML!

Course Benefits

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Learn all the rules for building XML documents
  • Read data from a database and convert it into XML
  • Parse through XML data and recognize the contents using a SAX parser
  • Represent an entire XML document in memory and manipulate them using a DOM parser
  • Build XML documents from scratch using DOM
  • Represent the meta-data of an XML document using XML DTD
  • Represent the meta-data of an XML document using XML Schema

Target Audience

  • Developers, testers and administrators who deal with XML documents



Course Duration

2 days